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'Las amígdalas de mis amígdalas son mis amígdalas'

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Luis Piedrahita is one of the flags and symbols of the FesJajá Festival of Humor. Not only for his repeated presences, but also for his professed love for the island and the festival.He  now returns to teach us that life is like a hotel: a place where we will be a short time and we have to take everything  we can with us.

In Las amígdalas de mis amígdalas son mis amígdalas, Luis Piedrahita builds a world in which all these miseries continue to exist, but far from generating suffering and stinging unleash the most liberating laughter.

In it he reflects on bath sponges, moths, elevators, hotels ... Luis finds reasons for reflection in each of these themes and an inevitable parallelism with the human soul. Almost an hour and a half of show, laughter and emotions, no more artifice than his personality, voice and body. Genuine stand up comedy.

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24 November 2018

21:00 h.

Address Camí de Son Rapinya, 29 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 78 32 79
Email info@truiteatre.es
Web http://www.truiteatre.es

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