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33 Palma Fotogràfica

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This Sunday the city of Palma will be invaded by hundreds of people, camera in hand, who will roam the streets and squares looking to capture the best image. The reason is the competition Palma Fotogràfica, which reaches its 33th edition with its distinctly festive and ludic character. This photographic marathon is part of the program of the Festes de Sant Sebastià 2019 organized by the City of Palma.

It starts at half past nine in the Plaza Major, where participants will be given a CD on which they will record the six photographs related to the 7 themes set by the organization. The first 4 items are indicated in the first check point and the 3 remainder in a second one.

The contest has over thirty awards of collaborating entities (see bases). Also, with the winning and selected photographs an exhibition will be mounted in the Casal Solleric  will be inaugurated on 7 March.

If in the last edition the thematic section  Los Feminismos en Palma was included, the special theme of the 33 Palma Fotogràfica is the Sorority, also proposed by the Regidori d'Igualtat, Joventut i Drets Civics of the City Council of Palma. In this way, Palma Fotogràfica joins the campaign to fight for equality and the demands of women.
This theme will be the only one that can be made from the day that the registration begins, December 21, 2018, until the day of the contest, on January 27. The best photograph will receive a prize of € 450 and will be exhibited at the Casal Solleric along with the rest of the awarded works.

The word sorority is a neologism that is used to refer to solidarity among women in a context of sexual discrimination. The first to use it was Miguel de Unanumo, who in two texts of 1921 raised the need to use a term equivalent to the word fraternal (Latin frater, brother) related to the sisters, and proposed the word sorority.

Despite this, until December 21, 2018, it was not recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy, which defines it as "A group formed by friendship and reciprocity among women who share the same ideal and work to achieve the same goal".

Plaça Major

Plaça Major
(Palma de Mallorca)

From 11 €

Registration: see base

Information: Pilar Negredo

Tel. 699 25 06 96





27 January 2019

09:30 h.

Address - Palma de Mallorca

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