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The Aragonese dance company LaMov presents its latest production, Terrenal, at the XIII Cool Days Festival. A neoclassical dance piece by the Madrid director and choreographer Víctor Jimenez.

Terrenal part of the music of Mozart's Requiem and a composition created by Jorge Sarnago to express the search for beauty through movements. The work talks about the relationship between life and death, the contrary feelings, the emotions that deceive us when we know that it is time to leave or stay.


From 10 €

(0034) 971 82 97 00



07 December 2018

20:30 h.

Address Carrer Ciutat, 1 - Artà
Phone (0034) 971 82 97 00
Email info@teatrearta.cat
Web http://www.teatrearta.com

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