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Centre Cultural i de Creació Casa Planas

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Palma de Mallorca

Casa Planas is located in the old offices and laboratories of Josep Planas Montanyà and was created, among other things, with the desire to pay tribute to this outstanding photographer, entrepreneur, artist, collector and creator.

Josep Planas Montanyà inaugurated Casa Planas in 1947, a company that would have more than 14 establishments and produced millions of images. His camera captured tourism, economic and social development between the 50s and 60s. The history of photography and its technical evolution in the Balearic Islands can not be understood without this character who introduced the color and concept of industrial photography.

In addition, he developed innovative techniques, incorporating an aerial point of view with the acquisition of a helicopter. In this way he acquired the monopoly of the industrial production of postcards and established the iconography of the tourist boom of Mallorca. This allowed the image of the island to spread internationally.

Planas photographed intellectuals, artists and politicians: Blai Bonet, Camilo José Cela, Robert Graves, Miró, Joan Fontaine, Errol Flynn, Charles Chaplin, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Franco, Juan Carlos I de Borbón, Fraga ... Commercial (mainly hotel sector): Maricel, Mediterranean, Bahia Palace, Fénix ... inaugurations of hotels and buildings such as the Auditorium of Palma. He also photographed landscapes from every corner of the islands.

The documentary and artistic archive of Planas is of unquestionable patrimonial value.

Centre Cultural Casa Planas
Casa Planas was created with the idea of ​​recovering the heritage of an old photography factory (a space in disuse) and turning it into a self-managed, free center of resistance and artistic resilience. Its mission is to provide a physical space for enterprising and professional artists related to the world of culture, a place where they can carry out their projects independently and, in turn, cooperate with other professionals who share the same physical space Creating a platform of experimentation and creativity.

To provide this service, Casa Planas offers offices, studios and work tables (coworking), with sales of office supplies, art, books and bar / cafeteria service.

The center also offers a multi-purpose training room that is rented both to users of the space and to external users who want to carry out workshops, masterclass or conferences, with projector service, complemented as a meeting room.

The basement and semi-basement are intended for the rental of studios for artists. In these, an activity of creation and learning is developed, offering the possibility of knowing the whole research process that the artists perform to reach the final result of their work. Residence programs, moreover, have become vital as promoters of alternative exhibition circuits, outside traditional art institutions.

In this space there is also a room to hold events, workshops and activities, as well as concerts in acoustic, theater, talks, projections, dance classes and a future set.

For the time being, the center has a printing and screen printing workshop, an analogue photography laboratory, a music group, two marketing and design companies, an audiovisual director specialized in videodance, three plastic artists, an illustrator, an urban art specialist, a shoe designer and an office of graphic arts.

Among the coworkers is a management agency for artists, an art project management cooperative, a photographer, a dancer, a 3D animator, an anthropologist and a screenwriter and film director. The center already has more than 2,800 members.

Palma is the scene of discussion and negotiation of various issues concerning cultural policies. For this reason, the Center decided to initiate actions aimed at creating more inclusive policies to give visibility in neighborhoods where the lack of cultural proposals was evident. Casa Planas also aims to create networks with other entities at regional, national and international level.

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Avinguda Sant Ferran, 21, 07011 - Palma de Mallorca
(0034) 627 03 87 22 (Xisco)
(0034) 660 23 90 21 (Marito)
(0034) 629 96 06 51 (Marina)

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