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'La corte de Faraón 2.0'

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With music by Vicente Lleó and libretto by Guillermo Perrín and Miguel de Palacios, La corte de Faraón is the most censored zarzuela in history. A mixture of operetta, zarzuela, magazine and even cuplé, with a story that recovers current issues from the past such as censorship, freedom of love or the art of enjoying sex as naturally as possible.

The Cor de Calvià and the Associació Cultural Musical Pere Josep Cañellas present this production of La corte de Faraón 2.0 at the Auditori de Peguera.

With stage direction by Romina Colotto and musical direction by Llorenç Gelabert, featuring Júlia Farrés-LLongueras (Lotha), Fanny Marí (Reina), Gabriel Mas (Casto José), Elías B. Arranz (General Potifar), David Llecha (Pharaoh), Àngela Aso (Sul), Tonina Vidal (Raquel), Miquel Company (Great Priest), Carlos Sansagustín (Selhá), and José García (Setí).

Musicians: Pau Salvà (bassoon), Catalina Picó (transverse flute) and Svitlana Bens (piano).

Half an hour before the show there will be a commented introduction in the exhibition hall.

From 12 €

Anticipated purchase:
Culture Ajuntament de Calvià
Tel. (0034) 971 13 91 81




24 July 2021

20:00 h.



25 July 2021

Commented introduction: 20:00 h.
Concert: 8:30 p.m.

Address C/ Pins, 17. Peguera - Calvià
Phone (0034) 971 13 91 81

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