‘He jugat amb els llops’

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‘He jugat amb els llops’

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Gabriel Janer Manila is the author of He jugat amb els llops (2010), a work that won the 36 Premi Joaquim Ruyra de narrativa juvenil. This staging is produced by Produccions de Ferro through the Paraula Festival and Mallorca Literària.

He jugat amb els llops tells the novel story of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja (Añera, 1946), a boy who, when he was not yet 7 years old, was sold by his father to a landowner in Andalusia, in the middle of the war, to take care of a herd of goats in a lost valley of Sierra Morena.

There he meets an old shepherd, Damià, who teaches him to survive and soon after disappears, leaving Marcos alone for more than 12 years, until the Guardia Civil returns him to civilization.

With dramaturgy and direction by Jaume Miró, He jugat amb els llops is performed by Caterina Alorda, Agnès Llobet and Joan Antoni Sunyer.

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24 September 2023

19:00 h.

Address Carrer Almoina, 69 - Porreres
Phone (0034) 971 64 72 21
Email auditori@porreres.cat
Web http://www....orreres.cat

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