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7 routes to enjoy the landscape and history of Santa Margalida

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In addition to a wonderful bay, warm sand beaches and transparent waters, the municipality of Santa Margalida has unique monuments that speak of the history of Mallorca and its first settlers.

Nothing better to know this cultural and heritage wealth than through the 7 itineraries that we propose below around its three population centers: Santa Margalida, Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina. Three of them can be done by bicycle and four on foot. You can download the map with the 7 routes and their description in the link.

Route 1
Can Picafort Promenade

Can Picafort is an important tourist enclave located between two protected natural areas: the Public Estate of Son Real and the Natural Park of s'Albufera. Its promenade is the busiest pedestrian section of the municipality during the summer, since it is the main communication route to travel the coast. It has a bike path that connects Can Picafort beach and Son Bauló beach.

Along the route we can find recently created cultural and artistic elements, such as the large-format murals of the Saladina Art Fest, the sculptures of Joan Bennàssar, a nest of machine guns or the typical houses of the old fishermen and their boats.

Type of route: on foot. Route: 2,440 meters. Estimated time: 30 minutes. Type of route: linear.

Route 2
Historic Center of Santa Margalida

This itinerary has a circular route and passes through the main heritage elements that can be seen in the historic center of the town of Santa Margalida, founded between the 13th and 15th centuries.

The itinerary begins in the esplanade of the parish church of Santa Margalida, from where you can see the wide plains of cultivation that surround the municipality. From here, it goes through the main stately homes, such as the Casa den Verga Jove or the Casa de la Rectoría.

Type of route: on foot. Travel: 920 meters. Estimated time: 12 minutes. Type of route: circular.

Route 3
Son Serra de Marina

This tour starts at the Son Serra de Marina beach, next to Estany del Bisbe. It runs mainly through the interior of the Camí de la Mar pine forest, a highly recommended forest path for a short 4-kilometer walk.

The route passes between fields of cultivation and farms with breeding of native animals such as the Mallorcan black pig. Without deviating from the main road, we arrive at the Son Serra de Marina possessió and its oratory.

Type of route: on foot. Route: 3,330 meters. Estimated time: 35 minutes. Type of route: linear.

Route 4
Can Picafort - Santa Margalida

This route begins at el Dolmen de Son Bauló and connects the tourist center of Can Picafort with the town of Santa Margalida. One of its attractions are the carrerasses (paths with a dry stone wall on both sides) that flank the Sequia Real and reach the hydraulic system from the Islamic period, such as the Pou d'Hero.

Almond trees and flocks of sheep grazing in the fields are also protagonists. The route ends at the Plaza de la Villa.

Type of route: by bicycle. Route: 10,220 kilometers. Estimated time: 1 h 10 min. Type of route: linear.

Route 5
Camino de Sa Marina de Son Real

History and nature are the protagonists of this route, which will awaken our curiosity for the first settlers of the island surrounded by surprising beauty. The path that runs along the coast has been declared as Sendero Azul (itineraries that link beaches or ports with the Blue Flag distinctive).

It runs through a coastal area of high archaeological and scenic value, with torres de enfilación (military constructions designed for submarines to practice mines and torpedoes from the Bay of Alcúdia) and the spectacular Necropolis of Son Real, located at the foot of the sea. With 130 documented tombs and more than 400 burials, Son Real is a unique necropolis in Mallorca and in the entire Western Mediterranean.

Type of route: on foot. Route: 5,250 meters. Estimated time: 1 h 45 min. Type of route: linear.

Route 6
Santa Margalida - Son Serra de Marina

The starting point of this route is the houses of la possessió de Son Serra, located very close to the Alcúdia-Artà road. During the route we can see cultivated fields and their carrerasses (paths with dry stone walls on both sides). We can also visit (with prior notice) the companies Aloe Vera Farm Mallorca and the Galmés i Ribot wine cellar.

The road runs through a series of flour mills until it reaches the one known as the Escuela Vieja, which will lead us to the town square.

Type of route: by bicycle. Route: 12,790 kilometers. Estimated time: 1 h 10 min. Type of route: linear.

Route 7
Carretera Alcúdia – Artà

The Alcúdia-Artà road is the main communication route to be able to travel the coast of the Bay of Alcúdia and it has bike lanes that connect Can Picafort and the Finca Pública de Son Real, the main attraction of this route. It occupies 395 hectares and it contains the old possessió, an information office, an interpretation center, an archaeological museum, archaeological sites and a set of natural ecosystems, among other elements of great value.

During the journey, you can also visit the s'Albufera Natural Park, a talayot and the houses of the possessió Son Serra de Marina, as well as see various large-scale murals from Saladina Art Fest.

Type of route: by bicycle. Route: 13,790 kilometers. Estimated time: 1 h 10 min. Type of route: linear.

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