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Art Vocal Ensemble: ‘Ensalades, o la música divertida del Renaixement’

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Art Vocal Ensemble presents Ensalades, o la música divertida del Renaixement (Salads, or the fun music of the Renaissance), its 27th production. A mix of songs, some of them popular and well-known, linked through other musical texts, a variety of languages, verses, meters and rhythms.

Due to their themes, many of them are linked to the Christmas cycle, based on stories explained in simple language that highlights different characters from traditional lyrics and sacred history, focusing the plot on the events of Christmas. They end with a maxim in Latin, which written in the style of a short motet illustrates what we could call the moral of the story.

The protagonists of this concert, Mateu Fletxa el Viejo and Joan Brudieu, are, precisely, the greatest exponents of this unique and heterogeneous musical genre.

With musical direction by Llorenç Gelabert Gual, the Ensemble d’Ítaca, the Art Voval Ensemble choir and Sabela Oliver as narrator take part.

Església de Monti-sion

Església de Monti-sion

From 5 €


10 December 2023

20:00 h.

Carrer de les Creus, 1 - Pollença

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