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'Bartók / Beethoven / Schönberg'

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The Belgian company Rosas, always at the forefront of contemporary dance in Europe, brings together in this show three first-time works by its director, dancer and choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

In 1986 De Keersmaeker entered the field of contemporary classical music with Bartók's Quartet No. 4. In a choreography marked by both playful and combative accents, she took on the task of creating a dance piece out of Bartók's complex rhythms and layered harmonies.

In Grosse Fuge (1992), De Keersmaeker proposes finding a masculine vocabulary, making Rosas's dancers defy gravity in a work that purported to physically translate Beethoven's ingenious use of the counterpoint.

The third piece, Verklärte Nacht (1995), features a blatantly romantic love story, in which the contrasting feelings of a man and a woman are dissected and performed in an expressive duet based on Schönberg's eponymous musical score.

Bartók / Beethoven / Schönberg is presented within the framework of Fila U, the Festival d'Estiu del Teatre Principal de Palma.


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26 August 2020

20:00 h.



27 August 2020

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