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Carlos Nunez

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This Galician has achieved what seemed impossible for a musician who plays the bagpipes and flute to become a pop star. The virtuosity, imagination and charisma of Carlos Núñez make him be considered one of the best pipers in the world, and scholar of Celtic music.

From the beginning of his career in the mid-nineties, he has worked with prominent artists (Vicente Amigo, Carles Benavent, Luz Casal, Joan Manuel Serrat and Kepa Junquera) and international (Noa, Roger Hodgson, Ry Cooder and Jackson Browne).

His latest solo album is Inter Celtic  (2014), which he now presents in Mallorca at the Teatre de Petra. It has enjoyed the cooperation of musicians like Ry Cooder, among others, and includes recent successes and shares on soundtracks not included in previous albums.

Església Parroquial

Església Parroquial
(Sa Pobla)

From 18 €


10 January 2020

22:00 h.



Address Carrer de l'Església, 2 - Sa Pobla

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