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Special Goya Awards 2024: ‘El maestro que prometió el mar’

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Patricia Font directs this film with a script by Allbert Val based on the novel Desenterrando el silencio. Antoni Benaiges el maestro que prometió el mar, by Francesc Escribano. Second title of the Special Goya Awards weekend cycle organized by the Auditori d'Alcúdia coinciding with the 2024 Goya Awards gala on February 10.

Adriana (Laia Costa) discovers that her grandfather has been searching for the remains of her father, who disappeared during the Civil War, for a long time. Determined to help him, she travels to Burgos, where they are exhuming a mass grave in which he could be buried. During her stay there she learns the story of Antoni Benaiges (Enric Auquer), a young teacher from Tarragona who before the war was her grandfather's teacher.

Through an innovative pedagogical method, Antoni inspired his students and made them a promise: to take them to see the sea.

Feroz Awards: Nominated for best actor (Auquer) and supporting actress (Gavasa)

Goya Awards (Spain): 5 nominations

Gaudí Awards (Catalan Cinema Academy): 6 nominations

Not recommended for children under 7 years old

Duration: 105 minutes

From 6 €


17 February 2024

20:00 h.

Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3 - Alcúdia
(0034) 971 89 71 85

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