'Travel and landscape. From Latin America to Mallorca'

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'Travel and landscape. From Latin America to Mallorca'

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During the first decades of the 20th century, Mallorca became a destination for many painters from Latin America. The turning point was the Parisian workshop of Anglada Camarasa and the arrival in Paris of artists such as the Argentineans Tito Cittadini and Gregorio López Naguil, or the Mexican Roberto Montenegro. As of 1914, the majority settled in the Port of Pollença and Deyá, fleeing the First World War.

From the first moment they were attracted by the light and color of Majorca, without forgetting the real reason for the trip, which was to search for national art, a theme from which the six sections of the exhibition Travel and Landscape are structured. From Latin America in Mallorca that is now presented to Can Balaguer.

It brings together nearly a hundred pieces from 23 public and private collections that bring us closer to a time when, through American artists, Mallorca was opened up to modernity.

Activities around the exhibition:

Dialogue visits
From October 2
Thursday: 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 12:00 h.

Wednesday, September 15. 19:00 h.
Conference: Arte precolombino y arte popular en el horizonte de los americanos de Mallorca.. By Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales, professor at the University of Granada

Saturday, September 18. 11:00 h.
Conference: Mallorca, evasión o asimilación en el arte rioplatense. By Elena Babino, professor at the University of Buenos Aires

Saturday September 25. 11:00 h.
Dialogue visit to the exhibition by the curator, Francisca Lladó, professor of Art History at the UIB

Wednesday 6th October. 19:00 h.
Anglada-Camarasa, 150 Years

Conference: De París a Mallorca. El paisatge amb Anglada-Camarasa, amic i mestre. By Silvia Pizarro Anglada, graduated in Art History

Wednesday October 20. 19:00 h.
Conference: Com una illa dins una illa. Jardins mallorquins sota la traça de tres pintors viatgers. By Maria Mesquida, university master's degree Cultural heritage: research and management, UIB

Wednesday, November 10. 19:00 h.
Conference: Encontre, diàleg i conflicte a la Segona Exposició Regional d’Art (1921). By Ariana Domínguez, university master's degree Cultural Heritage: Research and Management, UIB

Wednesday, November 17. 18:00 h.
Conference: Visita a les pintures de Montenegro. Parlament de les Illes Balears. By Jaume Munar, Head of Public Disclosure and Heritage of the Parliament.

Wednesday, November 24. 19:00 h.
Conference: L’ultraista Borges, Vasconcelos and Gabriela Mistral. By Francesc Rotger, professor at UNED

Free activities with prior registration at:


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