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XVIII Premis rei En Jaume

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Coinciding with the Festes del rei En Jaume de Santa Ponça, the Ajuntament de Calvià recovered in 2018 one of the most recognized contests of the cultural panorama of the Balearic Islands: the Premis rei En Jaume de Fotografia. They were created in 1971 under the name of Calvià Awards and, after different stages in which it was linked to the Fiesta de Desembarco, it stopped being convened in 2012.

The objective of recovering these awards is to stimulate artistic creation and make the city known from various aspects: the historical, the playful, the geographical, the natural, etc.

In this edition, two more categories have been incorporated into the existing Photography category, which are Comic and Theater. Another novelty with respect to previous editions is that  minors will be able to present themselves , always with written authorization from their legal guardians.
The chosen theme is Calvià's Neighborhoods, comprising urban planning, shops, public spaces, uses and customs of its residents and community life.

The deadline for the presentation of the works in the Comic and Photography categories is from June 15 to 26, 2020. For the Theater category from July 13 to 24.

The endowments are as follows:

Premi rei En Jaume de Cómic: € 1,200 + publication of the work + 100 copies for the author

Premi rei En Jaume de Fotografía: € 1,000 + possibility of exhibition at Calvià Town Hall

Premi rei En Jaume theater: € 3,000 + theatrical residence + premiere with box office for the company

The jury will assess the presence of ecological values, environmental respect, sustainability or recycling visually or argumentatively in the projects presented.

The last week of August will be the opening of the exhibitions and awards ceremony within the program of activities of les Festes del rei En Jaume 2020.

Given the application of extraordinary and temporary measures of administrative procedures by COVID-19, the presentation of the documentation and participating works will be done by e-mail to cultura@calvia.com, certified mail or transport agency. In these last two cases, the postmark date cannot be later than June 26 for participation in the Comic and Photography categories or July 24 for the Theater category.

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15 June 2020



24 July 2020

Address - Calvià
Web http://www.calvia.com

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