Dance of the 'cossiers' en Montuïri

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The most popular part of the festivity of Saint Bartholomew (Sant Bartolomeu) in Montuïri is the dance of the cossiers. Six male characters, dressed in white with skirts of overlapping colors and a strip of which hang colored ribbons, dance around a Lady who coordinates the choreographies of the group. These dances are related to ancient fertility festivals, although its origin is uncertain. The previous evening to Saint Bartholomew, the cossiers and the demon search for the lady to her house. After that, they dance in front of the houses of the authorities and, lastly, in the main square. The next day, the Cossiers dance one more time in the interior of the church, in the so-called Ball dels mocadors (Dance of the handkerchiefs).

The festivity of Saint Bartholomew, is celebrated with leisure and cultural activities in Alcúdia, Capdepera, Consell, Ses Salines (Campos) y Sóller.

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