Good Friday (Holly Week)

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Although the descent of Christ from the cross and the traditional procession is represented in most of the villages of Mallorca, it is in Pollença where the biggest number of people congregates to be present in the Davallement, (the descent from the cross). During nightfall, el Puig, is illuminated by fire torches, and in the middle of a sepulchral silence, the only sound comes from the hammer that removes the nails of Christ’s hand, to lower him of the cross.

When he is in the arms of one of the members of the religious brotherhood, it descends 365 steps to reach the parish of la Mare de Déu dels Angels. Before the descent, an auctioneer reads the poem La processó, of Coast i Llobera, which with the years has turned into the hymn of the Holy Week of Pollença.

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