Singing of the Sibyl

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Palma de Mallorca

Singing of the sibyl  (El cant de la sibil·la), celebrated in the churches of Mallorca in the religious trade of Christmas night, was declared in 2010 Well of Immaterial Cultural Interest by the UNESCO. It is one of the few living examples of medieval folklore that only survives in Mallorca and in Alguer (city of the Italian island of Sardinia where they speak Catalan), although in the last years it has been revived by some areas of Menorca, Valencia and Cataluña.

The sibyl is represented by a character that may be male or female and refers to the so-called apocalyptic final judgment, despite the fact that the ritual has pagan roots. Although the singing occurs in many churches of the island, the most emblematic ones are in the Cathedral of Palma and in the sanctuary of Lluc, where the song of the sibyl is portrayed by a Blavet (the name that is given to the children of the choir of Lluc).

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