'Eileen Gray. Invitación al viaje'

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'Eileen Gray. Invitación al viaje'

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The Anglo-Irish architect Eileen Gray was not only one of the most outstanding figures of twentieth century modernity, but also a woman who led a liberal and independent life. Gray is, in architecture, the contemporary colleague of those Anglo-Saxon writers or artists who, like their compatriots James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, opted for the path of cultural exile.

The documentary Eileen Gray. Invitación al viaje (Eileen Gray. Invitation to a journey, Germany, 2006), directed by Jörg Bundschuh, is an intellectual and vital journey of her life and work, as well as an exhaustive description of the house she started building in 1926 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (France), together with her lover and architect Jean Badovici, with the enigmatic name of E.1027, Maison en bord de mer, a house that enthused Le Corbusier and that synthesizes the fundamental principles of the modern movement.

After suffering the ravages of World War II and being abandoned for decades, the house was rehabilitated between 2009 and 2017.

Presentation of the documentary and discussion by Magdalena Jaume i Rafel Moranta.


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Conservatori Professional de Música de Manacor



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