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James Rhodes

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The publication in 2015 of his autobiographical book Instrumental: Memories of Music, Medicine and Madness (already in its seventh edition, with more than 100,000 copies sold) has catapulted him to fame. Now the British pianist James Rhodes (London, 1975) returns to Mallorca as a highlight of the 24 Festival de Música Clàssica d'Hivern.

Self-taught, Rhodes is a lover of classical music. Charismatic, visceral and very talented, he assures that Bach has saved his life. And he does not exaggerate. At 42 he has become one of the main disseminators of classical music in the world, thanks to his tours and concerts in all kinds of festivals and venues, as well as several documentaries about his figure.

Rhodes has directed his fame to raise awareness and promote debate around child rape, mental illness or suicide, offering talks and conferences at Save the Children events. In his debut album, Razor Blades Little Pills and Big Pianos (2009), he already hinted at the suffering that persecuted James in his childhood and the dawn of his adult life. Fortunately, from a very young age classical music and his passion for Bach, Beethoven or Chopin became the key to his survival.

He has published two more books, Toca el piano (2016), where he teaches his readers to perform a Bach prelude in just six weeks, and Fugas (2017), Fire on All Sides in its British edition and also the last title of his albums.

The concerts of James Rhodes are loaded with music and messages. He not only performs the works, but also contextualizes them and tells us why he chose them and how important they are for him. He also tells us the story of his life between pieces, and how music has helped him overcome the many obstacles he has encountered along the way.

At the Palau de Congressos in Palma, James Rhodes offers a program composed of Sonata in D minor Op 28 'Pastoral', by L. van Beethoven; Nocturne in C minor Op 48/1, by F. Chopin; and Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C BWV 564, by J.S. Bach with arrangements of F Busoni.

Palau de Congressos

Palau de Congressos
(Palma de Mallorca)

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23 February 2019

19:00 h.

Address Carrer de Felicià Fuster, 2 - Palma de Mallorca

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