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'1 Piano & 200 Candles’

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1 Piano & 200 Velas  is a project of the composer and concert pianist David Gómez (Wattwill, Switzerland, 1974) which has been staged in very special places, like demolished churches, prisons, abandoned factories, train stations, Talayotic villages or, as in this concert, the new church without roof of Son Servera.

His scenography is also very special, as he surrounds himself with 200 candles that illuminate him as he plays at the piano a program made up of his own songs included in his albums The Island (2013) and Pianographie (2017). With very cinematographic pieces like The Lighthouse, 16 years old, Marinha, The Immigrant or Qalb Arjuani, among others.

A very romantic concert where David Gómez offers the possibility of making dedications at the request of the public among a list of songs to choose from. The pianist will read the dedication before interpreting it.

Esglesia Nova

Esglesia Nova
(Son Servera)

From 20 €

Entrada VIP: 30 €
Dues entrades VIP + dedicatòria: 99 €




22 August 2019

22:00 h.

Address - Son Servera

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