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‘The Beautiful Miller, D. 795’, by Franz Schubert

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A proposal from the 5th MallorcÒpera Festival with the tenor Daniel Kirch accompanied on piano by Frtancesc Blanco.

The Beautiful Miller, D. 795 is the first song cycle to become popular, one of Franz Schubert's masterpieces, and one of the first complete lieder cycles of the Romantic era. In it, the Austrian composer, following the thread of a complete story, uses different musical registers to fully explain the successive incidents.

The beautiful miller illustrates, with Viaje de invierno, the rise of chamber music in the 19th century.



From 15 €


27 May 2023

20:00 h.

Address Carrer Miquel Maura, 1 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 71 09 86
Email teatrexforteza2@palma.es

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