'El jardí màgic'

| Family spectacle
'El jardí màgic'

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A proposal aimed at children and families that is held biweekly on Saturdays in the gardens of La Misericòrdia. The activities will change at each event and are carried out by groups and artists specialized in promoting street art.

October 5th

The Rabbivichjetlack
Three travelers travel through space and time and do not know the people, the language, or the customs of the places they visit

October 19

El llibre de la selva, un musical molt animal
Music, live songs, puppets, literature, morals, reflection, respect and parades will tell the story of Mowgli

November 9

¿Qué te cuentas Bicheja?
Bicheja lives inside  books and, from time to time, comes out and, with her, the stories to dance and play with the public





05 October 2019

11:00 h.



09 November 2019

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