‘José Ferragut Pou 1912-1968‘

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‘José Ferragut Pou 1912-1968‘

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The Museu d'Història de la Ciutat de Palma is hosting this exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the Mallorcan architect, designer and urban planner José Ferragut Pou, born in Palma in 1912 into a wealthy family.

He studied architecture in Barcelona, where he obtained his degree in 1942. An educated and deeply religious person, Ferragut was also a music lover, an art collector, a lover of heritage and an excellent photographer.

His legacy, of more than 2,000 projects, highlights an extraordinary architect who, without forgetting tradition, brought functional, simple and progressive architecture to the islands, as well as his involvement in the urban planning of Mallorca.


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08 February 2023



08 September 2023

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