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‘Paths in the Afternoon: Initiation in the Woods’, by Álvaro Perdices

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Paths in the Afternoon: Initiation in the Woods is a forest clearing inside a museum, which Álvaro Perdices has built from photos of another forest clearing located near Bunyola, in the Majorcan Serra d'Alfàbia. The installation appeals to the memory of the viewer, who was also a child who at school enjoyed the playground more than the classroom.

The artist has worked with the great works of art in the Prado Museum. He has also been a school teacher. He teaches what he has learned in classrooms and exhibitions. Both the museum and the school are demonstrations that art can be a public square and a clearing in the forest, heart and stone.

In Paths in the Afternoon: Initiation in the Woods the spectators become walkers and the museum is transformed into a clearing in the forest. The photos are taken from a low point of view, so it is advisable to sit on the ground to see and feel them.

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16 June 2023



01 October 2023

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