‘Visión de un foraster’, by Lluís Bort

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‘Visión de un foraster’, by Lluís Bort

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Lluís Bort (Castellón, 1988) is an architect and architectural photographer, and his life has always been linked to the world of photography. He began to be part of the photography group L'art de la llum d'Onda, where he held his first photographic contests, exhibitions and won various awards over the years.

When he began to study architecture, he discovered a discipline of photography that was not yet among his records. So he began to train and develop it in parallel with architecture.

Collaborating with different architecture studios allowed him to photograph some of his projects. He also has personal projects, such as the work Arquitecturas vacías or Visión de un foraster, which he now presents at the Fundació Cultural Coll Bardolet.




04 August 2023



28 October 2023

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