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Atlàntida FilmFest 2019

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Seven days (from 1 to 7 July) of screenings, conferences and concerts in this festival devoted to analyzing the European reality. The activities are free (some with invitation) and are set in 7 spaces of Palma: Es Baluard, Cine Ciutat, Castell de Bellver, Ses Voltes, Ca n'Oleo, Can Balaguer and Antiga Presó.

Programming in Can Balaguer, Castell de Bellver, former prison and Ses Voltes:

From July 1 to 5

From 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 h.
Can Balaguer
Basic Film Workshop for teachers
Audiovisual Narrative Course for teachers of the ESCAC, aimed at teachers of Educació Secundària

July 2nd

From 12:00 to 14:00 h. Can Balaguer
Cinema: Colloquium between two legends of European cinema: Ken Loach and Ferando León de Aranoa. They will exchange opinions about the health of our cinema and the new threats and opportunities of the global market. It will be moderated by Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Mallorca Film Comission
Free admission with invitation
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8:30 p.m. Castell de Bellver
Music: Concert by Soleá Morente, presenting her latest work, Ole Loererei, considered one of the best albums of 2018
Free admission with invitation
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22:00 h. Castell de Bellver
Cinema: Nascut Rey (Spain, 2019). Film of Agustí Villaronga (Pa negre) that narrates the childhood of king Faisal of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest production directed so far by the Mallorcan director. Duration: 109 '
Free admission with invitation
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From July 3 to 5

6:30 p.m. Can Balaguer
Cinema: Change Your Mind (The Netherlands, 2018). Documentary series directed by Jan Gitsels where Michael Sandel, Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 2018, meets with a group of European millenials to reflect on our society
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July 4th

22:00 h. Former prison of Palma
Cinema: Acid (Russia, 2019). film by Aleksander Gorchilin that reflects on the struggle of today's Russian youth to find meaning in their lives
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23:50 h. Former prison of Palma
Music: Concert by Mueveloreina
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July 5th

22:00 h. Ses Voltes
Cinema: Teen Spirit (United States, 2019). Film directed by Max Minghella set in the world of pop music and starring Elle Fanning
Free admission

23:30 h. Ses Voltes
Music: Monterosa. Rocío Chillers and Esnórquel Dj form this duo emerged in the summer of 2018 that combines Latin American electropop, technopop and millennial disenchantment
Free admission

July 6th

22:00 h. Ses Voltes
Cinema: Diego Maradona (United Kingdom, 2019). Asif Kapadia directs this biopic that tells the rise and fall of the Argentine footballer in his days at  Naples
Free admission

23:55 h. Ses Voltes
Music: Meneo (Live Set)
Free admission

July 7th

22:00 h. Ses Voltes
Cinema: This child needs fresh air (Germany, 2018). The Oscar-winning Caroline Link directs this biopic of comedian Hape Kerkeling
Free admission

Full program.

There is also an online program from July 1 to August 1 with more than 100 films exclusively.

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01 July 2019



07 July 2019

Address - Palma de Mallorca

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