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The association Arrels, with the collaboration of the City Council of Mancor de la Vall and FactorIa de So, convene El Primer Concurs de Bandes Musicals de Mancor de la Vall. This contest is framed within a series of performances that Arrels carries out to spread the musical culture.

The main objective is to make known those young talents who want to open up in the world of music and need a first chance. The  I concurso de bandas Biniarrels Festival is part of the events planned by  Biniarrels, Feria de Mancor.

The contest is held on Friday, November 15, 2019, starting at 8:30 p.m., at the Casal de Cultura de Mancor de la Vall.


Participation is free and anyone can register at 660 94 83 35 or send an email to frankstanley500@hotmail.com or joan@copimesa.es, indicating the following information:
Name of the group and of a component or responsible
Telephone contact
Email address
Musical style
Indicate if they perform their own songs or covers, or the mixture of both
Predominant language of the songs
Four songs that the group will perform, if at the time of registration you know
Complete group repertoire
Registration will be effective until November 10, 2019.

Bases and conditions of the  Concurso de Bandas

The group cannot exist more than one year. The union of veteran artists that form a new band is also not admitted.

The interpretation of any musical style is supported.

Both own songs and other artists versions will be valued.

Participation in the contest will be through the interpretation of four songs each group.

To qualify for the first prize and the special prize, it is essential to have a repertoire of 30 songs or that can play at least an hour and a half.

The groups of songs in Catalan will be especially valued, so there is a special prize, differentiated from the winning prize.

Registration for the Biniarrels Festival must imply the availability of performing live at the Fira de Mancor, which will take place on Friday, November 22, 2019, starting at 10:00 p.m.

The performance of the winning groups (winner + special prize) on the 22nd, in the Fira de Mancor, has to last approximately one and a half hours (it is essential to have a sufficient repertoire).

For the scoring of the contest will be assessed, and not in this order:
The staging on stage
The musical quality of the group
The difficulty in its interpretation
Originality and creativity on stage

The winners (winner + special prize) of the contest must provide a photocopy of the DNI / NIE of each of the members of the band, in order to receive the prize in cash, before Wednesday, November 20. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the prize cannot be awarded.

If you need any musical instrument you can consult it on the phone 660 94 83 35 or by sending an email to frankstanley500@hotmail.com

Very important: Contestants must present themselves at 8:00 p.m. to the Casal de Cultura de Mancor de la Vall, unless the organization contacts the group to give it another schedule.

The jury

The jury will be composed of highly qualified people within the Mallorcan musical world.
The jury will rate the performance based on criteria of impartiality, objectivity and full equality of all participants.

The jury's decision will be final and not reviewable.


First Prize: € 500 and play on 11/22/2019 at the Fira de Mancor
Special Prize: € 300 and play on 11/22/2019 at the Fira de Mancor. Prize for the best interpretation in Catalan.

In the event that the winning group is also the special prize, the prize of € 300 will be given to the second general classified or to the second best group in Catalan, as decided by the Junta de Arrels.

All participants will be presented with a snack on the day of the contest, sponsored by Factoria de So.
The cash prizes will be delivered on the day of the live concert, November 22, after the performance, to each of the group members.

Biniarrels Festival Facebook

Casal de Cultura

Casal de Cultura
(Mancor de la Vall)



15 November 2019

20:30 h.

Contest Entries:

Telephone 660 94 83 35

Registration will be effective until November 10, 2019.

Address Carrer d'Hort, 5 - Mancor de la Vall
Web https://www...elavall.net

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