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AC! is a Catalan expression shared by islanders and people from the Pyrenees and that more or less means "no man no!" Also, in Mallorca, a ca is a dog. Now CA! is the duo of Joana Gomila and Arnau Obiols, which has a bit of everything of these two lyrics.

A bit of what is identified with each territory, a bit of ironing things out, relativizing, questioning ourselves, but also the non-radical when it fits. And also, of course, the animal part, the beast.

The concert is part of the summer festival La lluna en vers organized by the Fundació Mallorca LiteRàriA.

Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover

Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover

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20 September 2019

20:00 h.

Address Carrer del Pare Andreu Fernández, 12 - Manacor

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