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Carles Belda & Sanjosex

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The Empordà musician Carles Sanjosé is known for being the soul of the group Sanjosex, where he writes, sings and plays the guitar. In 2016 he teamed up with Sabadell accordionist Carles Belda in a project that was born with the desire to recover songs that survived only in popular memory.

The two Carles immersed themselves fully in the online songbook Càntut: Cançons de tradició oral, promoted by the musicologist Albert Massip and which traces the oral tradition singing of the regions of Girona. Together they chose the fifteen songs that would end up making up the album which, as a tribute, they baptized with the same name as the songbook.

Two musicians, the violinist Coloma Bertran and the multi-instrumentalist Jordi Casadesús, joined the adventure to transport this songbook to a new dimension, always with one foot clinging to tradition and the other playing with the avant-garde.

Now, six years after that adventure, the group meets again to revive the show on stage to celebrate two good news: the 2022 National Culture Prize awarded to the Càntut: Cançons de tradició oral; and the reissue for the first time on vinyl of the original Belda & Sanjosex album.

From 12 €


16 December 2023

20:00 h.

Carrer Almoina, 69 - Porreres
(0034) 971 64 72 21

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