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Mallorca Cathedral

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'On the outside you will see the armor, but go in and you will see the soul!' This is how the painter Santiago Rusiñol described the Cathedral of Mallorca, for whom there was no other temple that with greater simplicity of means would have achieved such beauty. Tour Teatro programs guided tours with accredited official guides to discover this architectural gem, one of the most spectacular Gothic cathedrals in the Mediterranean.

In this guided tour we will discover the history, evolution, curiosities and secrets of the Cathedral of Mallorca, also called Seu de Mallorca. In addition to contemplating the three great reforms and monumental interventions that have taken place in this temple: the reconstruction of the Main Portal at the end of the 19th century, the great reform of Antoni Gaudí between 1904 and 1914 by order of Bishop Joan Pere Campins and the intervention of contemporary art by Miquel Barceló (2007) in the old chapel of Sant Pere.

You can also visit the cathedral museum, where you can find the relic of San Sebastían - the patron saint of Palma-, the tomb of Bishop Gil Sánchez Muñoz and the two chapter rooms, among other places of interest.

Days in which the visit is celebrated: Saturdays (During the month of October 2021, this visit will only be made by private request)
Start time: 10:00 h.
Duration of the visit: 2 hours
Meeting point: Main Portal of the Cathedral of Mallorca
Languages: Spanish and English (from June)


From 8 €

Prices (tickets included):
€ 8 (Mallorca residents)
€ 16 (non-resident)
Reservations for visit in Spanish
Reservations for visit in English




29 May 2021

10:00 h.



18 December 2021

Address Plaça Almoina, s/n - Palma de Mallorca
Web https://www...rca.org/es/

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