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Circo de los Horrores: 'Bacanal'

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Legend has it that Lucifer, master of ceremonies, offers humans a night of excesses, lust and pleasure in exchange for their soul.

Bacanal is a unique, irreverent and sensual show, which comes to enliven the most basic instincts of the human being, his most hidden desires and unleash the most carnal pleasures.

Lucifer, architect of this feast, offers human beings, eager for a night of frenzy and lust, a great orgy of sensations that does not understand limits or rules.

A unique Circo de los Horrores show that will sharpen your senses and awaken your deepest fantasies.

Son Fusteret

Son Fusteret
(Palma de Mallorca)

From 15 €



06 July 2022



14 August 2022

Address Camí Vell de Bunyola, s/n - Palma de Mallorca

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