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'Collita Negra'

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Literature, theater, conferences, book presentations and routes through the municipality are some of the activities of the Collita Negra cycle organized by the Sa Pobla Town Hall. Inspired by the Semana negra de Gijón and the Febrer Negre cycle in Palma, Collita Negra aims to delve into the noir genre while paying homage to the work Collita roja by Dashiell Hammet, published in 1929.


Thursday March 30

Ruta Criminal & Microteatre
7:30 p.m. From Plaça Major to Calle Antoni Maura , 37
Microteatre: Execució: the piece places us in 17th century Mallorca, where a son kills his father and is sentenced to a painful death. €5. Sale of tickets.

Friday March 31

7:30 p.m. Sa Congregació
Presentation of Collita Negra
Lecture: Els sons del crim (music and film noir). Given by Miquel Àngel Palos, member of la Associació Balear d’Amics de les Bandes Sonores (ABABS)

Saturday April 1

7:00 p.m. Sa Congregació
Lecture and tribute to Andreu Martín, a prolific writer who has deeply worked on the black genre. By Dora Muñoz, teacher and pedagogue, crime novel writer

Sunday April 2

11:30 a.m. Es Rafal Municipal Library
Presentation of the books Arrels i Ales, by Dora Muñoz, and 1888. El año de Jack, by Miquel Àngel Alzamora

7:00 p.m. Cas Paraire Clinic (Carrer Antoni Maura, 37)
Theater and wine tasting
El sommelier. Direction: Toni Alba. Dramaturgy: Toni Oresanz and Fermí Fernàndez. Performer: Fermí Fernández. €10. Sale of tickets.



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30 March 2023



02 April 2023

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