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Diego Peña, ‘Veintiuno’

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21 is Diego Peña's new show, 21 is the years he has been dedicating himself to comedy, 21 is the century we live in and 21 Grams is a pretty good movie. This is Diego Peña's new monologue, which he now presents at the 14th edition of the Fesjajá humor festival.

21 disjointedly connected blocks, with the challenge of getting laughs with apparently different topics, such as the legal drinking age in the US or the seconds that passed from when a Dutchman lost a ball until Iniesta scored the goal of his life, but in the end they are the same...21.

With 21, Diego returns to the format that saw him born and grow on stage, that of the Comedy Club, that of closeness with the public, that of the word as (almost) the only resource. And we say almost because there will also be songs, imitations, a small visual support and even a guest comedian on each occasion who, as a prelude, will make the night special, unique and unrepeatable.

After celebrating 20 years of imitations with his entry on the El Club de la Comedia tour, a section on RNE and the publication of the comic Supercó… es la hora del 21.

Show recommended for people over 16 years old.

The Fesjajá humor festival has received the award for Best Non-Musical Festival in Spain 2023 by the Iberian Festival Awards.

Rívoli Aficine

Rívoli Aficine
(Palma de Mallorca)

From 12 €

Anticipated purchase: €12+ G.G.
Day of the event: €15 + G.G.
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24 November 2023

22:00 h.

Address Carrer Antoni Marquès, 25 - Palma de Mallorca

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