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The Dry stone is a technique that consists in the placement of one stone on another, without any cement or mortar. With it, a large number of structures necessary for the most varied activities were built in Mallorca, such as the marges (terraced walls) to allow the cultivation of the slopes, or walls to delimit the properties and the sown fields. The technique was also used to adapt an extensive road network.

In the wooded areas remain the charcoal, related to the production of charcoal, and the lime kilns, with which this essential material for the construction and hygiene of the houses was made.

In Majorca there are cultural assets (BIC) three major heritage sites linked to this technique: the path of the Biniaraix ravine, the snow wells and their associated elements of the massif of Massanella, and the terraces of  Rotes de Caimari.

The Consell de Mallorca has created the website Camins de pedra and an application with detailed information of dry stone walk routes, with maps of the adapted itineraries of all levels, including family itineraries. It also offers useful information about the existing refuge network within the route.





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