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'Els gegants de s'Eivissa Antiga'

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Coming from the Pitiusa island, the company Theater of the ancients presents this spectacle of giants at the XXIII Festival Internacional Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca, with which they celebrate the cultural heritage of Eivissa and the ancestral cultures that have left their mark.

Els gegants de s'Eivissa Antiga is a troupe inspired by the mythology and folklore of Evissa formed by Joanna Hruby, Harriet Piper and Riccardo Boscolo, with music by the colla de xeremiers Tomàs i Miquel.

The giants are made of paper mache and adorned with natural and local materials.

The XXIII Festival Internacional Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca is held from May 24 to 30, 2021 in a total of 21 towns and cities on the island, with performances in municipal libraries, theaters, auditoriums, cultural centers and outdoor spaces.

The program includes 17 shows, with varied and original proposals from 17 different companies, most of them from Mallorca and the peninsula. It also has international representation from countries such as France, Israel, Italy or Brazil.

(Palma de Mallorca)




28 May 2021



29 May 2021

Plaça d'Espanya
May 28
15:15 h.

Parc Sa Feixina
May 29
10:15 h.

Address Plaça d'Espanya / Parc Sa Feixina - Palma de Mallorca

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