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Especial Premios Goya 2024: ‘Saben aquell’

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Coinciding with the 2024 Goya Awards gala, on February 10, the Auditori d'Alcúdia programs a weekend series of Special Cinema with the screening of three of the nominated films.

The first of them is Saben aquell (2023), a film directed by David Trueba about the early years of the comedian Eugenio's career set in Barcelona in the 60s.

Eugenio learns to play the guitar to accompany Conchita and will have to overcome stage fright. The two of them begin their musical careers, but Conchita has to be away for two weeks and convinces Eugenio to carry out the scheduled performances.

Feroz Awards: Nominated for best actress (Yuste), best actor (Verdaguer) and trailer

Goya Awards (Spain): 11 nominations

Gaudí Awards (Catalan Cinema Academy): 13 nominations

Forqué Awards: Best Male Performance.

Not recommended for children under 7 years old

Duration: 109 minutes



From 6 €


16 February 2024

20:00 h.

Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3 - Alcúdia
(0034) 971 89 71 85

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