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Somni Produccions produces this work written by Rafa Gallego and directed by Sergio Baos, which goes from the most satirical humor to the crudest reality.

Fake is the story of a woman with a public projection who, due to an orchestrated manipulation together with the media and social networks, causes a turn in her life and in her political career.

Fake is also the struggle to dismantle a script that is written at an uncontrollable speed and difficult to stop with new technologies. The montage is performed by Marga López, Maria Bauçà and Santi Celaya.

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26 November 2021

20:00 h.

Address Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3 - Alcúdia
Phone (0034) 971 89 71 85
Email auditori@alcudia.net
Web http://www....alcudia.net

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