Festes d'Estiu 2019

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Festes d'Estiu 2019

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When she was canonized, in 1920, Catalina Thomàs became the first Saint from Mallorca. The festival in her honor, which is held for almost a week, is the most popular in Valldemossa, the village where she was born. The central event is Carro Triomfal de la Beata, a chariots parade adorned with flowers, driven by a girl of six years, which every year is chosen by the people in the village as blessed.

In addition to the Festival of the Beata (until 28 July), the summer festival Valldemossa 2019 program includes Festes of the Mare de Déu d'Agtost in Sa Marina (from 10 to 17 August) and the Festes of Sant Bartomeu (21 to 26 August).

Download the complete program of the Festes d'Estiu 2019 on the website of the Valldemossa City Council.





18 July 2019



26 August 2019

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