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Festes de Sant Jaume Manacor 2019

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The patron saint festivities of San Jaume turn the streets and squares of Manacor into a place of festive conviviality between neighbors and visitors. They are organized by the City of Manacor and the Obreria de San Jaume and are held from July 18 to 25 with a program full of activities.


Thursday, July 18

20.00 Llamada a la fiesta (Call to the party), by Margarita Cortés.
Parade with la Mulassa de Manacor. At the end of the parade, the Mulassa will be exhibited in the old City Hall until the day of the Encamisada.
Route: Town Hall (Plaza del Convent), MaJor, Plaza de Bassa, Peral, Bosch, Plaza Weyler , Plaza Rector Rubí , Weyler, Bosch, Mercadal, Plaza de la Constitució , Jaume II, Major, Plaza del Convent.

21.30 h. Plaça del Rector Rubí. Ball de bot, with the group Sa Torre. It is appreciated that the assistants go dressed in white shirt to the call and to the Bal de bot.

Friday, July 19

7.30pm Passeig Antonio Maura (Na Camel). XIII Milla Ciutat de  Manacor. Carried out by the Club Atletisme Manacor. Regulation and circuit: http://www.camanacor.com.

9:00 p.m. Institució Pública Antoni Maria Alcover. Amics a la fresca: Screening of the film Lokus, directed by Joan Barceló Rigo, based on the work of Ponç Pons. Artistic direction of Antoni Truyols. Donation: € 5

9:00 p.m. Plaça del Rector Rubí. Swing,by the association of Lindy-Hop Swing Sick People.

Saturday, July 20

10:00 h. Replec de joies. Concentration in front of the Town Hall of Manacor and departure in pasacalle towards the Plaza del Rector Rubí.

11.00 h. Plaça del Rector Rubí. Corregudes des cós. Traditional games and curses de joies. Carried out by the Club Atletisme Manacor and the Amics de les corregudes des Cós.
It is appreciated that the attendees are dressed in white shirts.

11.00 h. I Vermouth Manacor. Vermouth with things, at € 1.50. Route: consult map in the program

12:00 h. Plaça del Rector Rubí. Diada castellera de Sant Jaume. IBy the Al·lots de Levante.

18.30 h. Patio de la torre del Palau. Chat-talk about wines: Què vol dir que un vi és de Denominació d'Origen? By Antoni Bennàssar Roig, professor of the biology department of the UIB and president of the DO Pla i Llevant i vi de la terra de Mallorca.

Plaça del Palau IV Sample and Tasting of Homemade Wines 2019. Free tasting of homemade wines and sale of tapas made by Palau Café.

Plaça de Ramon Llull. Outdoor dinner and great evening of line dancing and ballroom dancing:
From 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Line dancing
From 22.30 to 24.00 h. Ballroom dancing

Animation by the dance academies Jaume & Aina and Pep & Paqui. With the participation of  restaurants Sa Fonda, Mingo, Mig i Mig, Bon Gust and the  pastelería la Montevideana. (Popular prices).

Monday, July 22

9:00 p.m. Passeig Antonio Maura (na Camel·la). Solidarity Tremponada in favor of Estell de Llevant. Organized by: Associació de Comerciants i Empresaris Passeig de Na Camel i Voltants.

Tuesday July 23

7:00 pm Delivery of the banner of Sant Jaume to the horses of Sant Jaume. Route: Can Mayor, street of San Sebastià, corner with avenida de Junípero Serra. It is appreciated that the attendees are dressed in white shirts.

Wednesday, July 24

18.30 h. Delivery of the banner of Sant Jaume to the Síndic Jove. Route: see plan in the program.

7:00 pm  Encamisada de Sant Jaume
With the Xeremiers of Manacor, Colla Gegantera of Sant Domingo, Colla Castellera Al·lots of Llevant, Mulassa of Manacor, Municipal Band of Music of Manacor and the Cavalls de Sant Jaume.
Departing from Plaça de Sant Jaume, they will go through las calles de Joan Lliteres, Convent, Plaza del Convent, Nou, Major, Sa Bassa, Peral, Weyler and Plaça Rector Rubí , where the Cavalls de Sant Jaume, accompanied by the Municipal Band of Music of Manacor, will pass through la calle de la Amargura in the direction of the avenida de Antoni Maura towards the Via verde. It is appreciated that the attendees are dressed in white shirts.

21.30. Via verde.  Correr el anillo. By the Cavalls de Sant Jaume.

22.30. Plaza de Ramon Llull. Great verbena of Sant Jaume
With the groups Toniaina and Ses Bubotes.

Thursday, July 25

6:00 p.m. Collection of the banner of Sant Jaume de Cal Cavaller Major. Route: see plan in the program.

20.00  Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores. Office in honor of Sant Jaume. The vicar Francisco Javier Riutort Ortega will preside at the Eucharist. After the celebration he will proclaim the memorial of la villa Bárbara Munar Fuente, panadera.

22.30. Correfoc de San Jaume
By Manafoc. Route: exit from calle Francesc Gomila , passing through Calle Major and the fiesta will end in front of the Town Hall





18 July 2019



25 July 2019

Address - Manacor
Web http://www.manacor.org/

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