'Germania de Mallorca, 500 anys'

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'Germania de Mallorca, 500 anys'

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On February 7, 1521, five centuries ago, the Germania was declared, a revolt that would change the course of Mallorca's history. The feudal structures were still in force, but in Europe winds of change were blowing.

The craftsmen of Ciutat (grouped in guilds according to trades) were not satisfied with the increasing taxes they had to pay, so they decided to launch a popular uprising. They were joined by the peasants of the Part Forana de Mallorca. They trusted in the reforming will of the young King Carlos I. But the monarch decided to send the army to restore order, which resulted in a civil war between Majorcans that lasted two and a half years.

The chapel of Sant Marçal del Castell de Bellver hosts the exhibition Germania de Mallorca 500 anys: Omplirem el futur d'anhels de justícia. A tour of the main dates of the revolt, focusing on the assault on this castle by a group of Agermanados, which meant a turning point in the course of the popular revolt.

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30 July 2021



31 December 2021

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