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Cala Millor wants to find a place in the agendas of contemporary art lovers and offer its visitors a new addition to the sun and the beach. For this reason, the Consorci de Turisme de Cala Millor organizes the I Art Cala Millor, a project consisting of an exhibition of contemporary art that will last throughout the month of October and that will be distributed in three routes: one of exhibitions that can be seen in hotels in the area, another of urban art called Color Millor and the route to visit the public sculptures that are located in the streets, squares and promenades of Cala Millor.

Route of the exhibitions

This route is a sample of contemporary art spread over 13 hotels and tourist apartments in Cala Millor. Each place exhibits the work of an artist, which means breaking with the conventional exhibition scheme by offering the artist the possibility of showing his works directly in one of the programmed places, making it another attraction. These 13 exhibitions are complemented by a collective sample of all of them in the Sa Màniga auditorium.

Artists who participate in this route of the exhibitions: Horacio Sapere, Jim Bird, Joan Trujillo, Olimpia Velasco, Matias Krahn, Amador Magraner, Mariana Sarraute, Michel Beaucage, Cris Pink, Amparo Sard, Natasha Lebedeva and Fernando Savino

Route of public sculptures

This route consists of a visit to the public sculptures found in the streets, squares and promenades of Cala Millor where sculptures by the artists Pedro Flores, Pepe Dagnino, Miquel Sarasate and Antoni Ferragut are exhibited. The route comprises nine locations.

Color Millor

The Color Millor exhibition is completed, a route of urban art created by the artist Sandro Thomas, artistically known as Sath, in large format and created with the intention of producing a reaction and a dialogue with the spectator on the street. It is a way of creating community and transmitting values, stories and tradition, while rehabilitating a public space. This route includes seven different locations.

On the Art Cala Millor website you can check the locations of each of the three routes.

(Sant Llorenç des Cardassar)




01 October 2021



31 October 2021

Address Cala Millor - Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

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