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Kake Portas and Lluki Portas are the authors of JoySpeed, the winner of the Premi rei En Jaume de Teatre 2020 that is convened by the Calvià City Council and which is now premiering at Sa Societat.

JoySpeed talks about Aqua, the group that became famous in the 90's with their hit Barbie Girl. It takes a journey through the group's history through a father and daughter who are preparing to attend the group's anniversary, which is held in Copenhagen every year.

In these preparations, one of the protagonists will discover that the other has a disease and, as a result of this fact, decides to create a way of life on the fringes of the hermetic European society.




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€ 6 - € 8
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26 June 2021

19:00 h.

Address Avinguda de Palma, 1 - Calvià
Phone (0034) 971 13 91 81

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