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Juan Antonio Gil Sexteto

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Juan Antonio Gil (guitar and vocals), Humberto Gonzales (guitar, vocals), Julio Miguel Hernandez (drums), Ivan St-Ives (trumpet and percussion), Raul Martinez (bass) and Alain Perez (bass), this sextet form latin Jazz.

The band is led by Juan Antonio Gil, Cuban singer and guitarist (with comedian skills) based in Mallorca for years. His latest solo album is CURBANo where fused Cuban rhythms such as cha-cha or guaracha with jazz, blues or funk.

In addition to the six scheduled concerts, the Jazz Voyeur Festival this year includes a series of film & Jazz held from 12 to 15 November at the Teatre Catalina Valls, exhibitions and routes.

From 20 €

Tickets: Teatre Mar i Terra, Teatre Municipal Catalina Valls, Teatre Xesc Forteza, Jazz Voyeur Club



09 November 2012

20:30 h.

Address Carrer Miquel Maura, 1 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 71 09 86
Email teatrexforteza2@palma.es

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