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Magalí Sare & Sebastià Gris

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The Barcelona instrumentalist singer Magalí Sare and the Majorcan guitarist Sebastià Gris present their new album A Boy and a Girl. A work in which experimentation, the fusion of classical and modern music, electronic environments and many echoes of root music and poetry coexist.

The concert is held outdoors in the courtyard of the Teatre Principal de Santanyí within the cycle La lluna en vers organized by the Fundació Mallorca LiteRària.

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08 August 2020

21:30 h.

Address Carrer Bisbe Verger, 38 - Santanyí
Phone (0034) 971 65 44 01
(0034) 971 65 35 92
Email drigo@ajsantanyi.net

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