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Manacor encantat

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The Manacor City Council has launched the Manacor Encantat campaign, an initiative to support local commerce that will fill the city with color and turn it into an enchanted place from May 7 to June 7. Fairies, gnomes and a whole lot of fantastic figures will tour the shopping center and the emblematic places to the surprise of the visitors. A fantasy world that young and old will enjoy.

Five large fantastic figures made by artisans of Manacor in wood, cardboard, foam and polyurethane related to an enchanted forest have been placed: the 2-meter gnome in Plaça de Sant Jaume; the six meter tall fairy on the Na Camel·la promenade; the 3.5-meter pegasus in Plaça Rector Rubí; the 3.5-meter tree-man in Plaça de sa Bassa; and a 4.5 meter dragon in Plaça de les Verdures.

In addition to these giant figures, 30 fantasy mushrooms in red and white have been installed, 15 large and 15 small.

This fairytale decoration also reaches the inner part of Calle Enginyer Barceló, with figures and colored ribbons that simulate an enchanted forest. All this is accompanied by a group of animation dressed following the theme that will tour the shopping streets on weekends.

The Manacor Encantat project also includes a shop window contest, related to the fantasy world and the enchanted forest. In addition, on May 29 and 30, businesses will take their items in stock to the street for sale at very affordable prices.






07 May 2021



07 June 2021

Address - Manacor
Web https://manacor.org

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