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Nit de l'Art 2020

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This year, security measures due to Covid 19 force us to reinvent ourselves by creating new ways of celebrating events that are already part of the city's idiosyncrasy. This is the case of the Nit de l'Art de Palma, which each year marks the start of the season for art galleries. In this edition it will not be possible to celebrate collectively as every year but it can be celebrated in a more personalized way, visiting the exhibitions in small groups and with all the security measures.

La Nit de l'Art 2020 is held over four days from September 16 to 19, instead of just one as usual, and during the day. It programs visits in dialogue to the exhibitions led by four specialists: Mónica Galvàn (curator), Gabriel Llinàs (artist and curator), Jaume Reus (art historian and cultural manager) and Pau Waelder (curator, critic and teacher). These visits in dialogue are carried out in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Each group consists of a maximum of 8 people, meeting the capacity of each of the galleries and art centers, both outside and inside, as well as during the journeys on foot. Both the public and the guides will wear masks at all times, a safety distance will be maintained and additional information and resources will be provided through digital systems (screens, QR codes) that do not require touching any object.

Four itineraries have been established in Palma and one in Andratx, visiting the CCA Andratx. In Palma the itineraries, with the exhibitions that can be seen, are the following:

Itinerary 1:

ABA Art Lab. Wald, by Jaime Sicilia
Fran Reus Gallery. [...] passar, rebre, fer i desfer [...], by M, Reme Silvestre; and Delete History, by Arno Beck
Horrach Moyà Gallery. Recent paintings by Girbent

Itinerary 2:

Casal Solleric. 2022: Under Destruction, collective; Confía en que estos días pasarán, by Mark Tichner; Show winners Photographic Marathon 2020
Kewenig Palma. Usagi Kannon by Leiko Ikemura
Es Baluard. Accents and Differences, by Miguel Ángel Campano; La piedra, by Teresa Margolles; Warlike approaches to tourism: all inclusive, by Marina Planas; Collection. From the postwar period to the contemporary

Itinerary 3:

Xavier Fiol. Content and Form-The unity of opposites, by Nicolò Baraggioli
Pep Llabrés. Una búsqueda infinita / An endless search, by Cristina Toledo
Sa Nostra Cultural Center. Ciculació periférica. La configuració d'una col·lecció, collective

Itinerary 4:

Casal Solleric. 2022: 2022: Under Destruction, collective; Confía en que estos días pasarán, by Mark Tichner; Show winners Photographic Marathon 2020
Pelaires Gallery. Cadmio Limón, collective
Gallery 6A

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(Palma de Mallorca)




16 September 2020

00:00 h.



19 September 2020

From 12:00 to 18:00.

Address - Palma de Mallorca
Web https://art...-de-lart-20

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