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Nit de l'Art 2021

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La Nit de l'Art is a landmark event that opens the Palma exhibition season. A must on the European artistic calendar that brings together artists, gallery owners, collectors, institutions and citizens around contemporary art. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Nit de l'Art, since that September 1996 when the first event of these characteristics was promoted, making Palma the first European city to celebrate the Night of Art.

La Nit de l'Art is organized by Art Palma Comtemporani and involves the associated art galleries as well as museums, foundations and cultural centers of Palma, as well as CCA Andratx and the Galeria Maior de Pollença. Check the exhibition spaces that participate and the exhibitions they present.

La Nit de l'Art 2021 is held from September 16 to 18. This year there are also programmed a series of free Dialogue Visits to the exhibitions (in Catalan and Spanish), for which prior registration is required. Check the Dialogue Visits program.

Among the activities to be highlighted, the talk organized by the National Bank on the exhibition of its collection at CCA Andratx, with the participation of Cristina Lucas, Pia Fries, Thomas A. Lange, Markus Lüpertz, Fernando Sánchez Castillo and the curator Walter Smerling . On Friday the 17th at 6:00 p.m. at the Pelaires Gallery.

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16 September 2021



18 September 2021

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