'Over The Borderline'

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'Over The Borderline'

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Collective exhibition with work by Adam Beris, Nadia Fediv, Lukas Glinkowski, Katelyn Ledford and Taylor Anton White. Over the Borderline brings together these five artists in a space where what unites them is revealed, a common point that has nothing to do with the thematic line or the aesthetic itself.

Although all the works are presented in canvas format, hung on the wall like ordinary paintings, they are far from being paintings made with traditional media such as oil, acrylic or spray.

On the contrary, materials such as clay, glass, stickers, pearls, hair, staples, thread or carpet cloth are some of those that make up the paintings of these artists.




10 June 2021



03 September 2021

Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 14:00 h.

Address Carrer de Concepció, 6 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 22 78 07
Email galeriafranreus@yahoo.es
Web http://www....ranreus.net

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