El Petit de Cal Eril

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El Petit de Cal Eril

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Since 2007, when  Per què es grillen les patates? came out, El Petit de Cal Eril has been climbing steps among followers of pop folk music in Catalan.

In 2018, the band led by Joan Pons, has released its acclaimed trilogy  "△"  and is now working on their eight album. After two years, they returns to Mallorca coindiding with the publication of the single Cauen les estrelles.

El Petit de Cal Eril is formed by Joan Pons ((voice and guitar), Jordi Matas (keyboard, guitar), Ildefons Alonso (drums), Dani Comas (electric bass) and Artur Tort (keyboards).

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23 May 2021

19:00 h.

Address Passeig Ferrocarril / Carrer Tarragona - Manacor
Phone (0034) 971 55 45 49
Email teatre@teat...manacor.cat
Web http://www....manacor.cat

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