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Premi Ciutat de Manacor de Música d'Autor Guillem d'Efak

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The 2021 Ciutat de Manacor Awards have a new category, music, with the creation of the Premi Ciutat de Manacor d'Autor Guillem d'Efak. It is aimed at groups and soloists who make author music, who sing in Catalan and are new values ??on the scene, who do not have a current record or management contract. The deadline to participate ends on April 22, 2021.

Presentation of the songs
Participants must send three songs in Catalan, which must be original and unpublished, recorded on video to the email premisesciutatdemanacor@manacor.org with the title Opta al Premi Ciutat de Manacor de Música d'Autor Guillem d'Efak 2021, followed by a pseudonym . They can also be delivered, in person or by ordinary mail, to the Antoni M. Alcover Public Institution (Carrer del Pare Andreu Fernández, 12.07500 Manacor).

Selection and phases
The jury of the Premi Ciutat de Manacor de Música d'Autor Guillem d'Efak 2021 will select a maximum of 9 semifinalists, who will participate in a semifinal consisting of a live concert on July 9, 2021 in the municipality of Manacor.

From this concert will come the three finalist groups or soloists, who will face the final in a concert scheduled for July 10 and in which they will have to perform three different songs from those presented in the semifinal phase.

Endowment and awards
The award is endowed with 3,000 euros to the winning group or soloist and 1,000 euros to each of the two finalists, in addition to the promotion of concerts at music festivals and cultural cycles for the three finalist groups.

On the other hand, the Barnasants festival undertakes to schedule a performance by one of the three finalists in its next edition and the Manacor City Council will schedule the group or soloist who wins the 2021 Ciutat de Manacor de Música d'Autor Guillem d'Efak Award in the Manacor Music Fair 2021. 

The winning works will be announced at a public ceremony held by the Antoni Maria Alcover Institution. Check the bases.

Institució Pública Antoni M. Alcover

Institució Pública Antoni M. Alcover




17 March 2021



22 April 2021

Address Carrer del Pare Andreu Fernández, 12 - Manacor
Phone (0034) 971 84 38 73

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