Premis rei En Jaume de Fotografia 2019

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Premis rei En Jaume de Fotografia 2019

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Coinciding with the Festes del rei En Jaume de Santa Ponça, the Ajuntament de Calvià recovered in 2018 one of the most recognized contests of the cultural panorama of the Balearic Islands: the Premis rei En Jaume de Fotografia. They were created in 1971 under the name of Calvià Awards and, after different stages in which it was linked to the Fiesta de Desembarco, it stopped being convened in 2012.

The objective of recovering these awards is to stimulate artistic creation and make the city known from various aspects: the historical, the playful, the geographical, the natural, etc.

The main theme of this year is Architecture of Calvià, from the defensive towers to the latest avant-garde. Includes from the Middle Ages to the present and the following types of buildings: buildings, houses, temples, fortifications and other similar civil, public, religious, military or private.

The deadline for submission of the works is from June 17 to 28, 2019 and participation is open to adults. Three categories are established with their respective endowments: Premi rei En Jaume unique work (700 €), Premi rei En Jaume work in series, from 2 to 6 photographs (1,000 €) and Premi rei En Jaume portfolios, between 10 and 20 photographs ( 1,300 €).

Both the composition of the jury and the results of the contest will not be made public until the celebration of the awards ceremony, which will take place during the Festes del rei En Jaume in the Exhibition Hall of the Ajuntament de Calvià. That same day, the Photo Exhibition of the Premis rei En Jaume 2019 will be inaugurated, which will remain open until the end of September 2019.






17 June 2019

00:00 h.



28 June 2019

Address - Calvià

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